About Us

The Born To Be Natural Candle and Soap Company are producers of finest natural products, such as luxurious olive oil soaps and natural soy wax candles, through to highly efficacious, natural skincare products. Founded by husband and wife team Gloria and Malcolm Pascoe. To create a range of natural, well being products that are, efficacious and beneficial to the individual. Following frustration at the failure of various "prescribed" treatments for Psoriasis, Eczema for example, experienced by the founders and others at various points in our lives, we decided to take positive action and do something about it.
Our Mission is to bring to the Market, Natural products of the highest quality and efficacy, created and packaged with due consideration to the environment, yet presented in a way that reflects the added value of our range of luxury soaps, skincare and natural candles.
All of our premium products are 100% Natural and where it is possible to use organic ingredients, we will do so, as to be 100% organic, all constituents must be 100% certified as organic, this is generally not possible within the boundaries of product affordability.
Important Fact:- Where an ingredient is proven to be of particuliar benefit for example, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera and specialised moisturisers. Born To Be Natural guarantee that an appropriate amount will be used in all products to ensure that maximum benefit from the use of that product is realised.
All our products are produced in strict accordance with the European Cosmetics Directives and are tested by an authorised and qualified professional, so all the products are fully compliant. We only use the highest quality of natural ingredients in the process of making our natural products, some of our product benefits are as follows,